RedBone Custom Snow Goose and Specklebelly Calls

custom snow goose and specklebelly goose

RedBone Specklebelly Goose Calls are hand-crafted and are used by professional hunters and competition calling. If you’re looking for the best specklebelly goose call on the market, try RedBone Calls.

Specklebelly Goose Calls

Specklebelly Goose Calls

RedBone Specklebelly Calls are a flat sale of $200 shipping included. Please Note: Plastic "Guts" is the default selection, if you would rather "Brass Guts", please select it.
The acrylic 21 RedBone in both speck and buzzerd will be shipped to the customer as a single reed. The parts necessary to convert the call into a double will be included with every sale.
Customize your call by selecting...
• Barrel and insert color
• Band material
• Brass or plastic guts
• Single or double reed
Contact Nathan for info


  • goose calls - snow goose calls - spec calls

    All Black + $0.00

  • black engraved Band + $0.00

  • Brass Band + $0.00

  • Stainless Steel Band + $0.00


  • goose calls - snow goose calls - spec calls

    Black Barrel + $0.00

  • Black gold Barrel + $0.00

  • Ivory Barrel + $0.00

  • Black Cherry Barrel + $0.00

  • Orange PEARL Barrel + $0.00

  • Black PEarl + $0.00

  • Lsu Barrel + $0.00

  • Purple Barrel + $0.00


  • black gold Insert + $0.00

  • Black Cherry Insert + $0.00

  • Orange PEARL Insert + $0.00

  • Oak Insert + $0.00

  • Green Pearl + $0.00

  • Gray + $0.00

  • Red PEarl + $0.00

  • Black Pearl + $0.00

  • Black Delrin + $0.00

  • Yellow Insert + $0.00


  • Brass Guts + $20.00


  • Pack OF 5 Reeds + $10.00

Total Price


Base Price $200.00 + Bands $0 + Barrel $0 + Inserts $0

The 2021 RedBone acrylic calls will be shipped as a single reed. Parts necessary to convert it to double reed will be included with your call. If you want us to ship your call as a double reed please let us know. Contact Nathan at time of purchase through email, text or call 9364042974. If we don’t hear from you we’ll ship it as a single reed along with the parts to convert it to double.
  • Double reed – Supports longer range and more aggressive style. Designed more for traffic situations with a big bottom. Easy to blow and efficient but it can be mashed on for real. Faster running setup. Sharp. Big crack.
  • Single reed – Easy blowing. More of a mid range set up. Finisher but can be blown very loud. Lot of ground sound in it. Murmurs. Reacts to voice very well. Can be tuned to produce speck and snow sounds. If you want this combo tuning get in touch with Nathan. Generally speaking a single is a slower running setup.

RedBone recommends that you get the ’21 in single. Run it for a while. Later swap it to double. Only way to know for sure is to try it. Toneboard reed stops and a brass lined insert make the conversion safe and simple.  

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