RedBone Custom Snow Goose and Specklebelly Calls

custom snow goose and specklebelly goose
RedBone builds calls that produce realistic specklebelly goose, speck, spec, snow goose, blue goose, Ross goose, cackler goose and sandhill crane.

Poly Specklebelly Calls

Poly Specklebelly Calls

PLEASE NOTE: More Colors will be Available Soon!

The Poly Calls are single reed and are only available with plastic guts.
All RedBone Calls are Made in USA!


  • light GRAY Barrel + $0.00

  • BLUE Barrel + $0.00

  • Green Barrel + $0.00


  • LIght Gray Insert + $0.00

  • BLUE Insert + $0.00

extra reeds

  • pack of 5 reeds + $10.00

Total Price


Base Price $85.00